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On her way to work last week Tanny heard an interview with Ruth Klahsen of Monforte Dairy on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning. Monforte Dairy is a local Ontario cheese producer of artisanal cheeses. 

She currently uses milk from other local farms, but Ruth is now raising funds to create her own dairy and using a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) approach to do it. They are offering three different share plans (cleverly named “wedge”, “brick” and “wheel”) ranging from $200 to $1000 with the cheese doled out over the next 5 years. Two options are available to the brick and wheel plans: you can either receive vouchers to buy the cheese at markets or have it delivered. The wedge plan offers vouchers only.

We both thought this was a great idea and wanted to post about it. I’ll add Monforte to our list of suppliers shortly.

Oh – I also noticed that is on her blogroll! Yay – and “hi Ruth”.

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Maureen Argon

Thanks for writing about Monforte Dairy. Our dairy will still use milk from local farms including water buffalo and cow’s milk next year. We’ll make the cheese at our dairy, a line of butters, and sell complementary products like charcuterie and crackers in addition to having a cheese making school. Did you know that Monforte Dairy is 99.93 miles from Toronto?!
If you’d like updates on our news and events, send me your email address and I’ll put you in our database. Then you’ll hear the news before you hear it on the radio.
Best regards,
Maureen Argon
Monforte Dairy