My Reasons for Eating Local

I find that whenever I’m doing something that requires extra efforts, it’s helpful to know the reasons behind it.  So on the days when I don’t really feel up to it, I can go back to my list of reasons and remember why it’s important to me in the first place.  So here they are – my reasons for eating local: 

  • The food tastes better.  The berries, tomatoes, corn…they are a thousand times more flavourful when in season and freshly picked.
  • I want to support the local farmers.  Instead of complaining that there’re no local produce in the stores and that farms are being turned into suburban houses, I can support the farmers by buying local – that’s the least I could do.
  • It’s better for the environment.  There’s debate out there whether eating locally is always better for the environment, but I think that for the species that are native to where you live, it’s “greener” to eat local. 

From now on whenever I feel tempted to just get whatever is available at the supermarket, I can come back to this list and remind myself of the reasons I’m eating local.


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