Rhubarb! It’s in season.

Rhubarb I’ve always liked rhubarb. As we posted  in rhubarb season 2008 we made rhubarb sauce last year. Tanny just found a rhubarb website with a lot of potentially good recipes. Strawberry-rhubarb pie is always yummy, but we don’t have any local strawberries yet. So far the 2009 rhubarb recipe favourite is looking like Rhubarb Crumb Bars. We’ll post back with the results.


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Joel Simpson
Joel Simpson

lovely photo, and what an amazing Rhubarb site! who new you could do that much with rhubarb.

my favourite is to make a Rhubarb compote (for a syllabub dessert or to add to my porridge), but when i make it I strain off the liquid, and use it as the base for a Rhubarb martini. (just add vodka, and garnish with mint). It is probably my favourite cocktail – smooth but with a wonderful viscous texture that sticks to the throat.

a good trick is to add Grenadine when making the compote (for the sugar and the colour).


I made the rhubarb crumble bar from the rhubarb website. It was mmm…mmm…good.


What exactly is Rhubarb? It sounds interesting, but I’ve never heard of this before.