Why Sarah Palin is a locavore.

I’ve never read Slate magasine before though I’d heard it mentioned. I just happened to stumble upon the fact that Elliot Sptizer’s new job is a columnist on Slate. Poking around the site I found this article:

Why Sarah Palin is a locavore.

What I thought would be pure comedy was actually a mildly insightful article about the decline of hunting in America and the link of “frontier-style” hunting to local eating. Tanny and I would never be able to hunt for food and would surely both be vegetarians if left to our own devices, but the article has some interesting points.

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Jennifer Smith

That was a fascinating article – thanks! My husband and I have hunted for years, and have constantly had to defend ourselves to our friends and family. Happily, once we have corrected their misconceptions about hunting they’ve been very accepting, and some have even taken it up themselves. I have always believed and maintained that conservation and responsible, sustainable use of resources is born out of understanding, and the best way to understand is to participate. It’s no accident that Teddy Roosevelt was a hunter and conservationist. Nobody understands the complex relationship between habitat, climate and animal populations better than… Read more »


i admire Sarah Palin because she had done a lot in the area of politics. she has also a good track record when she was still the governor of Alaska.